Board Secretary

The role of the secretary is to help the Crown Hill Village Association function smoothly. The Secretary’s tasks include:

Meeting Organization

To manage meeting agendas in consultation with the Chair:

  • To receive agenda items from other Board members and volunteers.
  • To circulate agendas and any supporting papers in advance of the meeting.

To manage meeting minutes:

  • To capture meeting minutes including general notes and all action items.
  • To ensure that minutes are approved and signed by the Chair.
  • To ensure that board members and volunteers are aware of their action items.
  • To track when board members and volunteers have carried out action(s) agreed.


  • To ensure up-to-date records are kept of Village membership.
  • To ensure that records are stored on the Google Drive, and available for all members of the Board to review.

Membership Data Management

  • Be on the team to develop and maintain a system for tracking membership.