Crown Hill Community Garden

3,000 Pounds of Fresh Veggies

Grown by the Crown Hill Community Garden
Donated to the Ballard Food Bank

The Crown Hill Community Garden, led by volunteer Fred Miller, hit their 2022 donation goal this Monday. Over 3,000 pounds of veggies grown by volunteers, on land shared by Small Faces, donated to the Ballard Food Bank.

Most days, you will find Fred volunteering in the Crown Hill Community Garden. He tends to this plot of land with the help of other volunteers, but he is the vision holder and heart behind the work of the garden. The vegetables grown are for passersby to enjoy, but most of the food is donated to the Ballard Food Bank. Twice a week, Fred loads up his bike cart and hauls fresh vegetables, greens, and herbs to the food bank.

It’s not all work, work, work. In addition to planting, tending, and harvesting, the community garden also hosts activities in the garden. They participated in the One Seattle Day of Service and they also welcomed families into the garden for kids to build bird houses. The bird houses upcycled scrap lumber and gave kids a chance for some hands on building experience. Fred has never met a child he wouldn’t hand a hammer and saw too!

Do you have a question about growing your soil? Or maybe your wondering the best time to transplant your tomatoes. Fred always makes himself available to answer questions and share his experiences. Once he’s shared his knowledge, he will most likely tell you to try what you are thinking and see what happens.

Despite all this work, he always has time to stop and chat – and you never know what kind of delightful story you are going to get from Fred. A long time Seattle resident, back in the day Fred worked as a fundraiser for progressive causes. These days, if he isn’t in the garden, he might be volunteering at the Center for Wooden Boats or working on the event Hiroshima to Hope.

The Crown Hill Community Garden may have hit their goal, but they are still growing and donating. Be part of this amazing crew of people, get outside, help make your community greener, and support the Ballard Food Bank. Volunteer with the garden!