Calling Crown Hill Makers & Artisans

It’s time to sign up!

Crown Hill is full of people with great ideas, making cool stuff! This year the Crown Hill Holiday Market will be virtual, and we are filling up The Crown Hill Holiday Market right now.

Our goal is to provide hyper local sales venue for makers and artisans in The Crown Hill Village. Are you an artist or maker with a small business? We would love to include you in the virtual Holiday Market!

We will feature you on our sales page, and we will promote The Market as well as the individual artists around the neighborhood and on our social media platforms. Thanks in part to a grant from Seattle’s Office of Economic Development, we don’t have to charge for participation! (Check out last year’s Market here to get an idea of what The Market will look like)

Note: The State and the City do require you to have a business license to join- even for a little market like ours.

Are you ready to join other local makers in our Crown Hill Village Holiday Market? Drop us a line!