Changing Season in the Garden

The season is changing in the garden. All the spring greens are being persuaded to give as much as possible before they bolt and get pulled out. The beautiful chard and lettuces brought lots of color this spring, but it is time to start planting summer crops.

What’s Growing

  • Blueberries – have berries!
  • Strawberries – have berries!
  • Thornless Blackberries – have berries! (and are staged beautifully – swing by and check them out!)
  • Peas – getting huge! These are a mix between vine and bush.
  • Kabocha Squash – under the cloche.
  • Carrots – beds are prepped and fluffy, seeds are planted.
  • Parsley – so curly.
  • Lettuce
  • Chard – eking out the final leaves
  • Kale – growing happily in the window box, far from the club root.


The gardeners need some help to tend to the carrots. The first few weeks, carrots need to be watered every day. They have already started planting, but need some assistance watering so they can tend to more. Drop by the garden most afternoons and catch Fred. Or drop us a line! 

The Urban Garden Ecosystem

Christal was excited about planting some catnip. Fred was neutral. Selena from the garden hotline gave the garden a catnip start.

Fred was working in the garden the other evening and saw a cat come sit. Fred was concerned the cat would bother the birds nesting in the privet hedge, so was watching the cat to figure out what he was up to. He watched the cat snack on the catnip, sit for a while longer, and wander off. Fred realized that a cat in the garden might mean fewer rabbits!

Also Spotted in the Garden

Piles of aphid carcasses. And very full ladybugs. Fred figures the baby ladybugs will pop up in a few week.

DIY Project

Quick and Easy Screen

Fred is seen here running his dirt through a wire screen. They have several different meshes for different tasks. The one pictured here is pretty wide and Fred is using it to break up major clumps and pull out weeds. They also have a finer mesh that filters out rocks.


  • wheel barrow
  • Screens in various gages

1- Lay the screen over the wheel barros

2- shovel dirt on.

3- the rocks and weeds will stay on the screen and the dirt will fall through into the wheel barrow.