Let’s Get Spooky!

The sun is warm and days are still long, but the Crown Hill Village Events squad is already planning for our first big event of the fall. The 3rd Annual Crown Hill-O-Ween Pet Parade is set for Saturday, October 28th, at Crown Hill Park.

Last year, pets large and small strutted their costumes around Crown Hill Park while neighbors looked on and cheered. We met the Great and Terrible Pumpkin, we dined on Scooby Dogs, jumped in the leaf pile, made puppets out of Peeps, and played spooky games with some of our local businesses. Check out this slideshow of some of the fun!

  • Two judges smile while holding notepads.
  • A beautiful yellow Labrador dressed as a dinosaur poses happily in front of the terrible pumpkin
  • A lovely Visla poses calmly in the maw of the pumpkin with his human.
  • A schnauzer dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg steals the show with her lace collar, black robe, and glasses.
  • A Boston Terrier dressed as a pickle steals the show.
  • A woman screams as the pumkin's teeth loom.
  • A man dressed as a hot dot and a woman dressed as a black cat pose together within the jaws of the pumpkin
  • two adorable white pomeranians pose
  • A stunning white Samoyed is dressed as a piece of sushi, and her black and white friend is dressed as a cow. Their handlers are dressed in glorious smiles.
  • A doodle dressed as Yoda poses with his handler.
  • two people dressed as hot dogs pose togehter.
  • The food truck is a VW Bus Painted to look like the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. The chef waves happily from inside.
  • Dog (A Pembroke Corgi) dressed as a Halloween pumpkin.
  • Humans dressed as Emily and Victor from the animated movie, "The Corpse Bride" look tremendous.
  • a large banner listing all of our sponsors.
  • A dog wearing butterfly wings looks on as her handler, with a butterfly net, holds up their certificate.
  • A woman dressed as Cruella De Ville poses with a man dressed as a dalmatian, and a yellow lab dressed as a dalmatian. Also an actual dalmatian.
  • A woman holds a mediums sized Terrier who is dressed as the Demogorgon. She displays their award certificate for Scariest Costume.
  • A curly pup dressed as Richard Simmons and his handler. They are showing off their award.

Our outstanding events team needs your help to bring this year’s event to life!

The planning team needs volunteers to help plan and prepare for this event. We also need help on the day of the event to judge the pet costumes, man stations, set up, clean up, and so much more. Whether you love painting sets or planning events, we have a job for you.

Come join the coolest team in the neighborhood.

Email us with your ideas and questions.

Local businesses, we have a wealth of sponsorship opportunities available! Email us to learn more!