Sasha: Owner and stylist at Sasha Moon Salon. Washington native. Curly hair and color expert. Hugger.

The salon: has 3 stylists and one permanent makeup artist.

Lets bring the down town, up town: We are a high end salon with advanced training and easy parking.

I’m trained from high end salons: and I want to keep our services high end. I have high expectations of my employees and they have high expectations of themselves. I teach my employees, once a month we do classes here.

The space: used to be a Little Caesars! My husband and I planned and built the interior. The sweat and tears of this place was six months. It was intense and exciting.

Being a business owner and a stylist: you have to have two different minds. Owning a business is very logical, doing hair is creative. Owning a business was always in the cards for me.

Before this location: I was in Wallingford and there was no way to expand my business. I wanted to find a place in a central area with parking. I looked for six months and found this place. The owners of the building are super great – they are a family and big on community.

We are so happy to be working. We were off for 11 weeks, and that was a long time. I’ve never not done hair that long in all my years of doing hair. I have a bunch of friends who own salons in the area and we all collaborated and kept together.

As somebody doing hair for 25 years: social media was an interesting shift. It is a lot of work, but creates instant engagement.

My clients: range from simple hippy style to high end clients and I love it all. We have clients who do super punky fun hair, and others who do classic romantic hair. It’s all over the board.

When I was new in the neighborhood: I went around to all the businesses. I went to the bridal shops and introduced myself. I’m always thinking of how to get my name out there.

You come from a place of service: as a business owner. I think about how do we support the community, all make money, and all be happy.

When you are down: you have to give back. I volunteer with the Beyond Beauty Project.

There are so many people to be inspired by: I follow people from around the world. I watch their work, and pull from that.

We like to grab food from: Luisa’s, Mana Smoked BBQ, the Alibi Room. And I love the Dane.

Another neighborhood business: is Theory Skin and Wax, she does amazing work.

The “Rachel”: I was in beauty school, so I had it. I thought it was amazing.

Biggest hair trend of 2020: going with what you have. It’s not about getting away from what you have, it’s about helping you style and enjoy the hair you have. Celebrating your own texture is a big deal.