Growing Food and Community

The Crown Hill Community Garden hosted super fun back to back Saturday events. First, the development across the street – Sage Homes – red rovered on over to lend a hand working on projects at the garden. A bunch of volunteers accomplished a bunch of work. Then, the next Saturday, the gardeners hosted a rock painting party! It was great to welcome folks in to make art and to learn about the food and community growing in the garden. We can’t wait for the next event!

Stop by on Saturday!

Beds to plant and weed, watering to be done – drop by and lend a hand for a bit.

SaturdayJune 5th

12pm – 4pm

What’s Growing

  • Strawberries – RIPE AND READY TO PICK!!!!!!!
  • Peas – getting huge! They are 2/3 a Fred tall.
  • Cucumbers – 3 hills and more on the way
  • Tomatoes – under cloches, started by neighbors and a few wagon loads from Tilth
  • Squash – under cloche still
  • Kale – happy in the window well, free of the club foot in the garden.
  • Rhubarb – truly huge
  • Wild Flowers – about to explode in the garden boat
  • Carrots – a few beds planted. More volunteers means more carrots!

Pounds Donated

The food grown is for passers by, and the majority of it is donated to the Ballard Food Bank.

The load was a little light this week since the garden is rotating out the spring crops of chard and lettuce and starting to get the summer crops planted.

This week: 33 pounds

2021 TOTAL: 670 pounds

Sage Homes Work Party: Fred’s Report

Tools lost: 0
Tools broken:1 (a trowel that has been about to snap for months).
Injuries: 0
Plants killed or ruined: 0
Tasks completed: 8
Tasks mostly completed: 1