Meet a Neighbor

Sally, Owner of Turtle Coffee

Sally: Hands-on owner. Find her baking or pulling espresso shots.

The Turtle is in my neighborhood: I didn’t want to start a new business in a new community – I wanted something nearby and familiar so I knew my business had to be in Crown Hill.

Owned the business since: June of 2019

Turtle sign

The first business of my life! I was a housewife raising my daughter. I would teach kids, I was a bookkeeper, and I was working at Swansons.

I’m not a decisive person: but I was so focused on wanting to start a business. And I was right!

The challenge of starting a business: Everything was all new. The paperwork was a lot but I had a real estate agent and a CPA to help me. Also, my husband used to manage international 5 star hotels so he has good experience.

When we opened: I wanted to offer a clean shop with good coffee and a friendly feel. I knew people will come.

Owning a coffee shop sounds so light and fun: and it is! But it’s also a huge heavy labor job with long hours of operation.

The shutdown: was a struggle but I hung on! [editors note: she did more than hang on! Sally expanded The Turtle to include a drive through on Aurora!]

I love the other businesses around: The Thirsty Fish and the Tweedy and Popp Ace of course.

My drink: a triple 16 ounce Americano.

I love my coffee: and I’m a picky person. I am so proud to invite my friends over to the shop.

Stop by to say hello and grab a great cup of coffee!

Sally is hiring baristas! Join her awesome team.