Crown Hill Holiday Market – Call for Vendors

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Calling Crown Hill Makers & Artisans It’s time to sign up! Crown Hill is full of people with great ideas, making cool stuff! This year the Crown Hill Holiday Market will be virtual, and we are filling up The Crown Hill Holiday Market right now. Our goal is to provide hyper local sales venue for makers and artisans in The Crown Hill Village. Are you an artist or maker with a small business? We would love to include you in the virtual Holiday Market! We will feature you on our sales page, and we will promote The [...]

Changing Season in the Garden

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Changing Season in the Garden The season is changing in the garden. All the spring greens are being persuaded to give as much as possible before they bolt and get pulled out. The beautiful chard and lettuces brought lots of color this spring, but it is time to start planting summer crops. What's Growing Blueberries - have berries! Strawberries - have berries! Thornless Blackberries - have berries! (and are staged beautifully - swing by and check them out!) Peas - getting huge! These are a mix between vine and bush. Kabocha Squash - under the cloche. Carrots [...]

Huge Spring Haul to the Food Bank

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Huge Spring Haul to the Food Bank This week, the gardeners donated 100 pounds of fresh herbs and greens to the Ballard Food Bank. Boxes of chard and miner's lettuce along with piles of fresh herbs - all harvested from the land outside the Crown Hill Center. Before this plot was turned into farmable land, it was an underused stretch of grass - and now it is creating a place for neighbors to connect and find nourishment! Stop by on Saturday! Do you manage the roundabout on your block or other right of way garden space? Are [...]

Roundabout Meetup on Saturday

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Do you manage your block's roundabout or other right of way space? Or, Wondering how to start gardening in your roundabout? Join us on Saturday! Crown Hill Community Garden at the Crown Hill Center – 9250 14th Ave NW Saturday, April 24th 1-2pm Meet up with your neighbors! Talk about your successes and challenges. Share and learn about irrigation, trade seeds, talk about engaging other neighbors. Drop on by! Questions or comments?

Time to Get Stuff in the Ground!

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Time to Get Stuff in the Ground! The soil is warming up, and so are the plans at the Crown Hill Community Garden! The garden donates the food to the Ballard Food Bank and so far the donations weigh in at 201 pounds. This would be an impressive amount of tomatoes, but this time of year the donation bin is full of chard and lettuce - that's A LOT of light weight, nutrition packed beauty. With spring weather incoming, the donations will keep increasing. Stop by on Saturday! Join the gardeners at the Crown Hill Community Center [...]

Strawberry Season Around the Corner!

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Strawberry Season Around Corner! The Crown Hill Community Garden bird house and planting workshop was a huge success! Folks from around the neighborhood prepped the garden beds, weeded, trimmed, and transplanted. Gardener Fred, with help from Randy who manages the garden around the corner at Labateyah, led the kids in an exciting project to build bird houses from scratch. The parents seemed a bit nervous about the hammers and saws but the kids and gardeners created with confidence. Stop by on Saturday! Join the gardeners at "The Holman Grove" (the triangle by Petco on 90th and Holman). [...]