District 6 City Council Candidates

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Election day is November 5th - and District 6 is electing a new representative to the City Council. Crown Hill Village was excited to host both candidates in Crown Hill. Each candidate came a different night, and neighbors had a chance for a casual conversation at the Dane. Vote!  If you don’t receive your ballot by October 18:  https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/elections/how-to-vote/ballots/replacing-a-ballot-or-envelope.aspx Register: Online and mail registrations must be received 8 days before Election Day. Register to vote in person during business hours and any time before 8:00 PM on Election Day. Online: https://voter.votewa.gov/WhereToVote.aspx Print & Mail: https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/print-voter-registration-forms.aspx  

Food Donated to Ballard Food Bank

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The gardeners took over the space in front of the Crown Hill Center this spring. As they grew their plan for the garden space as urban food forest, they also grew over 500 pounds (and counting) of food to donate to the Ballard Food Bank. What an innovative way to work for our community! We are looking for volunteers as we expand the program to the Holman Grove around 90th st and Mary Ave NW. Contact us for more information.

We Worried About Smoke….

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As we planned the summer street festival series, we worried about the smoke forcing us to cancel August. Instead we had a heavy fall of rain - that didn't deter folks from the food truck and music. Several brave neighbors even waded through the evening to watch the original Jurassic Park. A fun night of food, music, and dinosaurs.

The Road Mural is Complete

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Thank you so much Andy! The process was amazing - community members were out painting the street bringing Andy's vision to life. Working with SDOT, we knew what to add to the paint to make the mural last for up to 10 years! A community effort that involved neighbors, local business, neighborhood artists, and the city.

Crown Hill Road Mural

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The second street festival brought bubbles, an encore from Off the Rez, a DJ, and a neighborhood art project. Working with neighborhood artist Andy Miller, Crown Hill got to channel its inner artist to spruce up this hub of activity. Andy designed the mural, and drew the outline on the street. Neighbors of all ages got to pick up a brush to bring color and life to the painting. Stop by 90th st NW between Mary and 14th Ave NW (the back of Turtle Coffee) and check out the neighborhood produced art!