Round About Meet Up

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Calling all roundabout gardeners! Connect with the folks managing other roundabouts in the neighborhood. Share your plans and pick up some fresh new ideas. Crown Hill Community Garden at the Crown Hill Center - 9250 14th Ave NW Saturday April 24th 1-2pm contact:

Fire Up the Nitrogen Factory

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White crowned sparrows are nesting and singing in the garden, lettuce that rivals the flowers is growing, and Fred says now we can start digging up the ground. A mix of overwintered plants and assists from the cloche means that the garden has peas, lettuce, and chard growing - but now they have real growing weather. Stop by on Saturday! We need volunteers at "Holman Grove" the fruit grove by the Gourmet Latte. Stop by and learn how to water, talk about the cool plans for the future, share your ideas. Saturday April 10th 12pm - 2pm [...]

Cold Nights, Sunny Afternoons

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The Community Garden is tending their soil and brassicas, dreaming and planning. The sunny days inspire, but the nights are still getting pretty cold - gardener Fred said that water in buckets had a frozen layer on Tuesday morning. This isn't bad! But it means seeds you plant right in the ground may not germinate right away. Gardener Christal is stockpiling burlap, and grateful that Theo Chocolate is helping her out by setting aside their sacks. Stop by on Saturday! Join the gardeners at the Crown Hill Community Center to plant starts. Food grown is for passersby, [...]

Your Fish Emulsion Brings all the Nitrogen to the Garden

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Late March in the community garden is all about prep, planting brassicas, and being patient. The sunny days brings the itch to get weeding, but gardener Fred says be careful because your good intentioned digging around might create dense soil later. He suggests grabbing a ball of dirt and if you can make a finger print in it, it's still too wet. The Community Garden is mulching, and even planting cover crops to get ready for the summer transplants. Stop by on Saturday! Join the gardeners at the Holman Grove (by the Petco lot on Holman and [...]

Sunny March Days in the Garden

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The Crown Hill Community Garden is always up to something interesting. There are multiple projects going now, and continued dreams for growing an urban edible forest. Check back for weekly updates on what the garden is up to, how you can help, and tips for your garden! Stop by on Saturday! Join the gardeners at the Crown Hill Community Center to build bird houses and help plant flowers and vegetables. Saturday March 13th 12pm - 4pm ** Dahlia and Crocosmia bulb giveaway ** What's Growing Parsley - planted last spring. This is its second year! The [...]

Work Continues at Crown Hill Garden

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The Crown Hill Community Garden continues to plant and tend their plots. This work is critical to local food infrastructure. The gardeners practice social distancing and ensure that the Ballard Food Bank has fresh vegetables through the spring, summer, and fall. Get Involved from a Distance! Donate Seeds! Farmer Fred usually participates in a robust seed exchange, but building closures compromised his supply line. Do you have extra seeds to donate? The remainder of the packet from your starts? Farmer Christal is especially looking for snap peas. You can drop them at the Crown Hill Center when you go [...]