Crown Hill Action Plan

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Crown Hill Village Action Plan We love it when a plan comes together! Some of you may remember the days when we packed into the gym at Small Faces gym and milled about discussing Crown Hill's future. Those crowded workshops aren't coming back yet, but the Community Action Plan at that we crafted during those gatherings is moving again! The Community Action Plan is the result of a massive collaboration between City offices, neighbors, and business owners. In February of 2020, the completed plan was presented to the Mayor's office for signature. Unfortunately, before we could get it [...]

Prepping Your Fall Garden

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Maximize the Last of Sunny Days and Prep Your Garden for Winter The community garden is full of activity as we near the equinox. There are still tomatoes to harvest, but the gardeners are turning their attentions to the task of prepping the garden for winter. Most of the other summer veggies got pulled to make way for the fall and winter garden and cover crop seed is drying in preparation. Gardener Christal was pruning the tomato plants, snipping the flowers that will never have time to fruit. Don't be timid. This move will help to maximize your [...]

Holman Grove Phase 1, Complete

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Fill the Planters Fulfill the Dream The question: What is the craziest idea you can think of for creating innovative use of public space? Without considering logistics, what is the boldest action you can take to spark joy and build community? The answer: Shut down Holman road for a huge block party to celebrate Crown Hill. Ok. So that idea was quickly dismissed even in that first "be visionary" step of community development that created the Holman Grove. We made big plans, some that we made into reality the summer of 2019 with three street festivals. We [...]

Strawberries are Popping, so are Donations

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Strawberries are Popping, so are Donations The garden is looking glorious, and that is before the old boat full of wild flowers gets going. Beautiful, and full of life. Plants, birds, neighbors growing and tending a garden together. More than just creating a community space, Fred makes two deliveries a week to the Ballard Food Bank. This spring that meant growing, harvesting, boxing up and packing onto his bike over 700 pounds of chard, herbs, and lettuce. The standard bundle of chard weighs about 10 oz. Now that we are moving from the spring greens into the heavier [...]

Growing Food and Community

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Growing Food and Community The Crown Hill Community Garden hosted super fun back to back Saturday events. First, the development across the street - Sage Homes - red rovered on over to lend a hand working on projects at the garden. A bunch of volunteers accomplished a bunch of work. Then, the next Saturday, the gardeners hosted a rock painting party! It was great to welcome folks in to make art and to learn about the food and community growing in the garden. We can't wait for the next event! Stop by on Saturday! Beds to plant [...]

Favas, Figs, and Fun

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Favas, Figs, and Fun The garden had some fun new additions from neighborhood donations. After weeks of waiting and preparation, Joanie's fig tree is holding court on the edge of the garden. After the shock of moving, it probably won't fruit this year - but everybody is excited to watch it grow. Also growing in the garden, Luke's tomato plants are steamy and warm under the cloche. In addition to welcoming the fig, Chrystal is also tending to the grape vines. Training them up the side of the Crown Hill Center is a delicate process. What's Growing [...]