Kiwi Arbor at the Holman Grove

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New Kiwi Arbor at Holman Grove Have you seen the new kiwi arbor at Holman Grove? The arbor is the vision of the Crown Hill Community Garden, built by neighbors, and funded through a grant from a Neighborhood Economic Recovery Fund. The Crown Hill Village is proud to connect all these stakeholders to help build a neighborhood heart for Crown Hill. The volunteers did an amazing job. Pass by the next time you are out on a walk and check it out. Better yet, mark your calendar for Sunday, March 12th and join us at Holman Grove [...]

Earth (volunteer) Day

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Show the earth and your neighborhood some love! We will have all the necessary supplies for a clean up on Holman Road. Stop by, pick up some trash, and help us keep Crown Hill looking fresh and clean! Saturday, April 23 11am - 1pm Meet at Holman Grove Mary Ave & NW 90th ST (the back of Turtle Coffee / Ace Hardware)

Your Fish Emulsion Brings all the Nitrogen to the Garden

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Your Fish Emulsion Brings all the Nitrogen to the Garden Late March in the community garden is all about prep, planting brassicas, and being patient. The sunny days brings the itch to get weeding, but gardener Fred says be careful because your good intentioned digging around might create dense soil later. He suggests grabbing a ball of dirt and if you can make a finger print in it, it's still too wet. The Community Garden is mulching, and even planting cover crops to get ready for the summer transplants. Stop by on Saturday! Join the gardeners [...]