Phillustrate Your Day

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Phillustrate Your Day Neighbor, Illustrator, Business Owner Phil Scroggs talks branding and public art. Phil Scroggs: Graphic Designer, illustrator, and the brains behind Crown Hill Village Instagram. Solopreneur: at Phillustrations since 2002. Worked From Home before it was cool: Telecommuting made it possible to relocate to Seattle while still working full-time for an Atlanta web design team. Then, the 2001 tech crash was a sign to do my own thing. Simply hustling: Cold calling, e-mailing, asking people for referrals - it worked. I found new clients. I have to keep at it though, you gotta keep going. [...]

Sally at Turtle Coffee

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Meet a Neighbor Sally, Owner of Turtle Coffee Sally: Hands-on owner. Find her baking or pulling espresso shots. The Turtle is in my neighborhood: I didn't want to start a new business in a new community - I wanted something nearby and familiar so I knew my business had to be in Crown Hill. Owned the business since: June of 2019 The first business of my life! I was a housewife raising my daughter. I would teach kids, I was a bookkeeper, and I was working at Swansons. I'm not a [...]

Whimsy and Precision Peeps Joy

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Cristie @ Little Free Peep Show and a new Peep Show the first of every month! by: Phil Scroggs March of 2019, Cristie Kearny — Crown Hill Village resident since 2003 — hatched a sweet idea. Cristie had decided to remove the books from the Little Free Library (LFL) in front of her house in hopes of curbing the spread of germs during the pandemic. That done, she was inspired to make use of the empty box. It was Easter time, and Cristie noticed grocery store shelves full of colorful Peeps marshmallow [...]

Adventure on the Red Baron Railroad

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Nicolas @ Red Baron Railroad by: Phil Scroggs It’s Sunday afternoon in Crown Hill Village, and I’ve got a train to catch. Luckily, the Red Baron Railroad is just a short walk from my home in Crown Hill. I’m not bringing a carry-on bag; there would be nowhere to store it. I am bringing my camera. This is definitely going to be an Instagram moment. The train that will be departing soon can’t be boarded, because it’s 1:29th scale. Its route is one lap around the conductor’s yard. If you could hop on board, you wouldn’t get to see much of Crown [...]

Grocery Outlet

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Norm & Tammy @ Grocery Outlet Norm & Tammy: Owners of the Grocery Outlet, find them working on the floor! Part of our community: Their passion is schools. They provide all the food for the annual Ballard Performing Arts spaghetti dinner fundraiser. They also donate to students, including annual donations of Thanksgiving Meals and the snacks for Ballard Grads Bus. And that's just a small sampling! Hiring Philosophy: look for nice people.  "You can't teach people to be nice," Norm said. "But you can teach them what they need to know to work in [...]

Sasha @ Sasha Moon Salon

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Sasha @ Sasha Moon Salon Sasha: Owner and stylist at Sasha Moon Salon. Washington native. Curly hair and color expert. Hugger. The salon: has 3 stylists and one permanent makeup artist. Lets bring the down town, up town: We are a high end salon with advanced training and easy parking. I'm trained from high end salons: and I want to keep our services high end. I have high expectations of my employees and they have high expectations of themselves. I teach my employees, once a month we do classes here. The [...]